2011/12 Southeast Asian Travel Grants Scholarship in Philippines

The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) was established by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) in 1966 primarily “to provide to the participating countries high quality graduate study in agriculture; promote, undertake, and coordinate research programs related to the needs and problems of the Southeast Asian region; and disseminate the findings of agricultural research and experimentation.”

Scholarship Details:

To reinforce the Center’s efforts and resources in the promotion of agricultural competitiveness and natural resource management toward food security and poverty reduction in the region, SEARCA will provide Travel Grants to qualified agriculture and agriculture-related professionals and social scientists, including graduate students.

This Travel Grant will provide financial support of up to a maximum of US$1,200 to qualified applicants who will present scientific papers in international or local scientific fora.


The applicant should:
1. Be a Southeast Asian national who is a staff member of a development-oriented institution or a graduate student of a reputable university in Southeast Asia.
2. Prepare and present a full paper that is along the thrusts of the Center and has regional relevance (poster presentations will not be considered for the grant).
3. Be endorsed by his/her immediate head/supervisor/major professor.
4. Be willing to have his/her paper published in any form of appropriate publication.
5. Whenever possible, be willing to present his/her paper in SEARCA’s Agriculture and Development Seminar Series.
6. Submit a post-travel report within 30 days after the conference, highlighting observations, learning, and recommendations.

Application Procedure:

• A letter expressing interest to avail of the grant must be sent to:
The Director
Los Baños, Laguna 4031
• The application letter must be supported by:
1. A recommendation letter from the immediate head/supervisor/major professor of the applicant;
2. A two-page summary (single-spaced; 8.5×11 sheet) of the paper for presentation to the conference;
3. A copy of the conference organizer’s letter of acceptance of the paper for presentation;
4. A copy of the conference program; and
5. Applicant’s curriculum vitae.
Application Deadline 5 September 2010

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